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Vesmont Majakeskus
About Us

Vesmont was established in 1993 with 100% of Estonian capital share. Until 1997 one of the main activities of the company was construction and finishing works.

Since year 1995 and till 2006 the company produces windows and doors from PVC profiles. Our partner in this aspect is KBE concern from Germany.

In 1996 Vesmont started several new activities: the company began working with mosaic paints, offering a large assortment of colors as well as finishing works in general; another type of our activity was insulation works performed with polyurethane foam. Besides Vesmont set off production of roll shades, mosquito nets and other accessories for windows.

Vesmont did not only produce classic white PVC windows during that period but also can offer PVC windows, laminated with foils of different colors, including wood imitation.

In 2000 Vesmont started its own production of aluminium structures.

In 2004 our firm became a partner of the Canadian company "Royal Europa" and since then has been actively working on bringing into the Estonian market Royal Building System - an innovative construction method, based on pre-fabricated PVC elements.  More

Remaining a pioneer in the Estonian market, in 2005 Vesmont begins production of timber trusses and floor/ceiling beams. This North-American technology is based on metal connector plates and Posi-Strut elements. More